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Martin Crossman


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Martin founded REDI Analysis in 1996 following a 20 year career conducting complex criminal antitrust cartel cases under the Competition Act in Canada. He left the Competition Bureau in 1996 when requested by the US DoJ Antitrust Division to assist in the integration of technology into its investigative and litigation activities. He participated in over 26 trials, participated and/or lead 60 searches and managed the analysis of huge document seizures and productions.

Litigation support software was in its infancy at that time and Martin was inspired with the prospects of developing software solutions that would be practical, while at the same time provide tactical and strategic benefits and advantages. He has been pursuing this mission ever since.

Martin has worked with a wide range of law firms on a variety of matters from antitrust to class actions to multimillion dollar construction claims.

He has leveraged his public and private sector experience to develop and implement a number of case and document management solution for federal and provincial boards, tribunals, agencies and courts

Sandra Crossman

Document Specialist and Project Manager

Phone: 613-692-1986



Sandra had a 25 year career with the Competition Bureau conducting a wide range of complex criminal and civil cases. She was innovative in developing case hypothesis and developing evidence gathering strategies to acquire information and assess its evidentiary value. She assisted and supported counsel during these inquiries in preparation for court and during the course of a number of extended trials and hearings.

Sandra embraced the introduction of technology, building databases to help manage documents and to develop links between the information gathered and the analytical framework developed in her cases. She also saw how technology could be used to enrich team collaboration and the effective use of available resources.

She currently plays a lead role in some of the matters where REDI Analysis has been called upon to provide document management and analysis support.


Strategic Advantage, Collaborative Analysis, Cost Effective

Litigation ToolKit

Get all your case documents in one location, multi user, desktop and iPad app. Turn Information into Evdience.



Practice Management software to track your case and related information. Time tracking, billing, document management and scheduling

eCourt ToolKit

Matter tracking, hearing scheduling, efiling, document management, reporting, electronic hearings and more

Custom Development

We offer customization services to our REDI 2 GO solutions but also build custom applications.